Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reserving the name Retake 19

This blog created to preserve and lay claim to the name Retake 19. Two primary reasons for this name protection are:

1. Take 19 was instrumental in unseating Sue Kelly, and putting New york's 19th Congressional District back in Democrats hands. Knowing the Republicans are not above anything, can see them trying to steal the concept, using the basic premise of Take 19 in trying to win back the seat in 2008. For that reason, feel it imperiative that Grass Roots activist like myself preserve a name we may need at some future date and time in supporting another candidate when and if it becomes necessary to field a candidate other than John Hall...for instance, an Independent or Green Party candidate in light of Entergy's efforts to relicense Indian Point.

2. Retake 19 will be upgraded to a PAC (political action committee) should this Grass Roots activist feel a need to support other political candidates.